Hotec UHF Wireless Dynamic Handheld Microphone H-U06C

Item No.: H-06C
Hotec UHF Wireless Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Rechargeable 1/4” Output Mini Portable Receiver for Live Performance Over PA, Mixer, Speaker (H-U06C)
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  • FULL COMPATIBILITY: Widely compatible with PA, mixer, speaker that has 1/4” mic input for voice amplifying by plugging the mini receiver into these audio devices. You can also use this to record audio with both Andriod and iOS phones or DSLR cameras using appropriate adapters (sold separately).
  • STAGE SOUND QUALITY: High quality sound transmission, clear voice and without feedback, free from distortion. Transmission range can be up to 100 feet in open areas at line of sight, free from obstacles between microphone and receiver.
  • LONG WORKING TIME: Plug and play. AA battery powered microphone and large capacity rechargeable battery in the mini receiver allows up to 10 hours working time.
  • SUPPORTS MULTIPLE SETS WORKING TOGETHER: The UHF technology in this handheld microphone allows you to use maximum 64 sets together without interference with each other when each set is working on a different frequency.
  • MULTI-USE APPLICATIONS: Perfect choice for karaoke party, DJ, wedding, church, business meetings, classroom activities, outdoor or onstage performances.

UHF Wireless Handheld microphone

Perfect for vocal transmission or recording for both beginners or professionals.This Hotec professional UHF dynamic Wireless Microphone System provides clear vocal sound.

This wireless microphone system works best with any PA, loud speaker, mixer, amplifier or home theater system that has ¼” mic socket. Perfect choice for karaoke party, DJ, wedding host, church, business meetings, public speaking, classroom activities, outdoor or onstage performances.

This H-U06C model is includes one portable mini receiver and one microphone. The UHF technology allows you to use several sets simultaneously.

You will get: H-U06C Handheld microphone x 1 / H-U06C Mini wireless receiver x 1 / Microphone foam x 1 / Microphone anti-rolling protection ring x 1 / USB charging cable x 1

DJ microphone

Crystal clear vocal sound

These professional wireless dynamic handheld microphones offer a great frequency response with a cardiod pickup pattern to isolate the primary sound source and minimize background noise, it offers pristine vocal sound.

Plug and Play

Plug the mini receiver into the mic socket of any powered speaker, mixer, amplifier for audio output, power on the mini receiver and microphone, it is ready to go.

Supports multi sets working togethher

This UHF wireless microphone system has 64 frequency points for selection and it allows several units working together without worrying about interference with each other as long as you spend a few minutes to choose a most appropriate frequency before use.

Extra large battery capacity

Battery powered microphone and receiver gives you utmost freedom to walk in the room without the hassle and restriction of cables holding you back. The microphone is powered by 2XAA batteries and the Receiver is powered by extra large capacity 18650 rechargeable battery.


In case the microphone(s) and receiver are not connected, pair them again following the steps below:

1. Power off the receiver and power on one microphone.

2. Open the battery compartment and find the frequency change button. Hold and press the power button and the frequency change button until the LCD starts to flash.

3. Power on the receiver, wait for a few seconds and power off the microphone.When you power it on again, it is connected with the receiver.
4. Press the frequency change button to select the most appropriate frequency point.