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Hotec Premium Vocal Dynamic Microphone was aveliable on amazon now

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Update time : 2018-09-06 11:52:19

Hotec Premium Vocal Dynamic Microphone


Hotec premium vocal dynamic microphone is perfect for vocal transmission or recording for both beginners or professionals.


Make yourself heard with this dynamic microphone in karaoke party, DJ, wedding host, church, business meetings, public speaking, classroom activities, outdoor or onstage performances.


Quality matters

Plug and Play

This handheld microphone is plug and play, easy to operate. It is perfect for the serious musician recording in the studio or out on stage, or for beginners or kids to practice singing.


High quality vocal sound

Thanks to the high quality moving coil unidirectional dynamic element and the copper wire inside the 19ft detachable cable, it provides clear sound and is a very good choice for voice recording.


Easy operation

This is a plug and play microphone. This microphone comes with a 19ft detachable cable and it has a ON/OFF switch. Just press OFF when not in use, without the need to detach the cable.


Packing content

H-W01 handheld microphone x 1

19ft XLR to 1/4” detachable cable x 1


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